On the Fourth Day of Christmas

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
My true love gave to me, In Grace's Kitchen by Vince Agro.

Imagine a Hamilton that is much different than the one we know today. One with milk delivery, corner butcher shops, daily trips to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market, and smelt fishing in the Hamilton Harbour. This is the Hamilton explored in Vince Agro’s memoir meets cookbook, In Grace’s Kitchen: Memories and recipes from an Italian-Canadian childhood, which pays tribute to his mother, Grace, nearly 30 years after her death. 

In In Grace's Kitchen, Agro shares many of the recipes his mother lovingly prepared in her North-end kitchen alongside stories about growing up in Hamilton. I love this book dearly, and it’s one that would be perfect not only for an at-home chef, but anybody with an interest in Hamilton’s not-so-distant past.

To learn more about In Grace's Kitchen, read an excerpt on the Wolsak and Wynn website or watch Vince chat with Annette Hamm on CHCH Morning Live.

This was a scheduled post that was supposed to autopost yesterday, so forgive the incorrect date. Apologies!


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