Erin Morgenstern and Brian Francis at the Staircase

Wednesday 28 September 2011
Erin Morgenstern's short, perfect sentences had me hooked just seconds after she began reading from her debut novel, The Night Circus, at the Staircase tonight. The book has everyone talking, and though I haven't read it yet, I'm not surprised. Erin's enthusiasm while talking to the small, but attentive crowd, was infectious, and I can only imagine how that translates into her writing.

Equally as infectious was Brian Francis, who is probably best known for his Canada Reads selected novel, Fruit. Tonight he read from his second book, Natural Order. Despite both of their success, both seemed remarkably humble. The reading also gave me the chance to rediscover one of my favourite places in Hamilton, which once housed Tapestry Bistro.

I'm not quite sure when this blog turned into a photo blog, but that seems to be the case as of late. I blame it on lack of time due to work and class and my attempt to squeeze as much into these last warm days as possible. I'll return to longer posts and reviews soon, but in the meantime, a few of my favourite photos from tonight.

Word on the Street 2011

Sunday 25 September 2011
Today was the day that book and magazine lovers look forward to all year — Word on the Street at Queen's Park. I was there volunteering with, but I made sure to get there early enough to fill my own book bag with back issues and bargain books. As always, there was just too much to see and do. Among the highlights were Cormorant Book's five-dollar grab bags and Groundwood Guides for five dollars a piece! You'll see the stack I walked away with in one of the photos below.

I must admit I let out a little squeal of joy when I saw Best of 2010 on display.

Telling Tales

Sunday 18 September 2011
Today's weather was perfect for a trip to Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton, where the 3rd annual Telling Tales festival was taking place. I'm not sure there could be a better festival for a book geek and a history geek like myself.

I snapped many pictures today, but these are a few of my favourites. If you look closely, you will see Anne of Green Gables and a friend sitting outside the Jerseyville Train Station. Many scenes from Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea were shot at Westfield. The blue dress with the "puffiest" sleeves that Matthew bought Anne is on display in the dry goods store.

I didn't walk away from the festival empty-handed. I bought a copy of 13 Ghosts of Halloween by Robert Muller to gift to my little cousin, Evan, and Alma Fullerton's Burn, which I've been hoping to read for awhile.

Ricepaper 16.2: The Green Issue

Saturday 3 September 2011
Shameless self promotion twice in one week might seem like a little much, but I can't help myself, since I'm incredibly proud to be a reviewer for one of my favourite magazines — ricepaper.

The latest issue is out featuring my review of Other Tongues: Mixed Race Women Speak Out, edited by Adebe DeRango Adem and Andrea Thompson, and some incredible pieces by some of my favourite writers, including the always-fantastic Evelyn Lau.

Hey, Shorty on

Friday 2 September 2011
Just a quick note to let everyone know that my review of Hey, Shorty: A Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment and Violence in Schools and on the Streets is up on You can check it out here.
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