On the Seventh Day of Christmas ...

Saturday 20 December 2014
I went to a Christmas party, and didn't have time to publish my post. So here it is, one day late.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a weekend pass to gritLIT, Hamilton's Readers and Writers Festival.

Full disclosure. I am completely biased on this one. I actually couldn't get more biased if I tried. You buying a pass to gritLIT, Hamilton's Readers and Writers Festival directly benefits me, because I'm a committee member, acting as the festival's social media co-ordinator. That said, the reason I got involved in the festival (which is run by a team of volunteers) is that I truly believe in it. gritLIT brings some of Canada's finest authors to Hamilton. This year's festival takes place between April 16 and 19 at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, and the line-up so far is stellar. We still have many amazing authors to announce in the New Year, but here is a sneak peak at who is coming to gritLIT 2015.

In no particular order: Richard Wagamese (Medicine Walk), Russell Wangersky (Walt), Kathleen Winter (Boundless), Heather O'Neill (The Girl Who Was Saturday Night), Ian Hamilton (The King of Shanghai), Claire Cameron (The Bear).

Weekend passes are $60 and they're available at Epic Books, Bryan Prince Bookseller, and J.H. Gordon Books.

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