Doors Open Hamilton: Whitehern

Sunday 19 May 2013

The last time I wandered the gardens of Whitehern, they were a different kind of beautiful — covered in snow that reached above our knees and accumulated on evergreen trees. On Doors Open Hamilton weekend, the gardens were equally as beautiful, but much more alive, flowers poking out of the ground and budding on trees. My favourite sign of spring was the robin nestled above the pillars of Whitehern, the former home of Hamilton's McQuesten family.

Whitehern, which was built around 1850, wasn't one of my planned stops during Doors Open Hamilton, mostly because I've visited it at least a half dozen times. But because it was on my route to the Hamilton Library, I couldn't help but stop for another quick peek.

After dropping my books off at the library, I took a wander down one of my favourite pockets of the city, James Street North.

(This show was amazing!!!!!) 

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