Winter Walking on a Snow Day

Saturday, 9 February 2013
In six years of working at my job, the office has never once been closed for a snow day, so I didn't get my hopes up. I couldn't risk the disappointment after a crazy week of early mornings and late nights. But it did happen! So after an amazing morning of sleeping in, reading, and lazily drinking coffee, Jordan and I trekked through our neighbourhood for a winter walk. I've spent enough winters in Ottawa that I've learned to appreciate a good snowfall, and this one was blissful! 
We're lucky to live in a beautiful neighbourhood, which is just minutes away from Whitehern (Check out the library!), and the back gate just happened to be unhinged, giving us access to the gardens.
To read more about Whitehern and the family who lived there, I recommend reading Dr. Mary Anderson's second book about the McQuesten family called Tragedy and Triumph: Ruby and Thomas B. McQuesten.
 Inside Whitehern's Gated Garden

 Church on James Street South

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