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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This is my second blank slate in four months. After five years of maintaining a personal blog on Blogger, I decided to make a move. I wanted to create a space separate from my personal ranting, focused only on my love of books, reading, and book reviewing. In January, Not My Typewriter was born on Wordpress, simply due to availability of a domain. I struggled to create momentum. Wordpress and I just couldn’t make it work. I wanted simplicity — a crisp white background and minimal design features — that Wordpress couldn’t offer me. Like a hopeful partner, I tried to make it work. I tried new things — new templates and new banners — but they only hid the truth temporarily; I knew it was over.  

Four months of archives are still available here, but from now on, Blogger will be my new home. As I said four months ago, "I’m not sure exactly what this blog is going to look like, whether it will be a series of essays, anecdotes, reviews, or all of the above. I hope it will be about more than just the information held between the covers of books, but also about the act of reading, launching, collecting, and loving books." Second time's a charm.

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