Antiquing at Christie Conservation Area

Saturday 28 May 2011

I am no longer the owner of just one Underwood typewriter, but two! And the best part is that my newest addition isn't only wonderful to look at, but it should also work once I track down the correct ribbon. This bright blue Underwood 315 is one of a handful of finds I took home today after a muddy but successful day at the Christie Conservation Area antique show. As always, it was paradise for a bookish antique-lover like myself! I unfortunately couldn't take all these amazing finds home, but I did walk away with a few treasures.

The smaller typewriter was a child's toy from Eaton's. It was tempting, but not in the budget, especially after commiting to the blue Underwood. It was priced at $40, but became mine for $30.

 I didn't exactly wear the most appropriate shoes on this soggy Saturday.

Every year I pass up on these vintage type blocks, because I'm not quite sure what I will do with them. This means spending the rest of the year regretting not buying them! I decided on my initials (J and R) and a few punctuation marks to represent the grammar geek in me.

I also added one of these long type blocks to my collection.

This trunk (circa the 1930s) is quite possibly my favourite purchase. I haven't quite decided what we will use it for, but I think it might become a side table. It's covered in stickers from hotels located across Europe. I'm in love.

My new type blocks ended up on the same shelf as a previous purchase from Christie's — a vintage stamper I bought a few years back.


  1. Oh my, all that type stuff!! The letters, the nibs, everything!! A dream. Your typewriters are lovely and the photos you've posted made my heart flutter! Hard to be practical in these situations, I imagine. I would have been biting my lip and hopping foot to foot!

  2. It was so hard not to bring everything home! Unfortunately, I can't fit much more in my small one-bedroom apartment, especially with a musician better half. Between the two of us, the place could easily be filled with guitars and typewriters if we let it!


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