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Sunday, 22 May 2011
My plan for today was simple: Spend the day at the Hamilton Public Library, digging through the archives for some missing genealogical links and reading Hey, Shorty!, a book I will be featuring on the blog this week. Simple, right? Apparently not. I arrived at the library to find it closed. Summer hours.

I do much of my reading on the train, commuting from Hamilton to Oakville, constantly interrupted by screaming babies, loud cell-phone talkers, and music leaking from headphones. It isn't ideal, so I was really looking forward to a day of peace and quiet at the library.

Much of the afternoon was rainy, so I headed to my favourite coffeeshop to read. Mulberry Street Coffeehouse is a fairly new addition to James Street North and truly is my favourite place in the city to work.

After a few hours, and almost reading Hey, Shorty from cover to cover, the rain stopped and the sun began shining, so I relocated, finding a shady spot beneath a cluster of trees in full bloom at Durand Park. Until today, I had never visited Durand Park, despite it being a less than five-minute walk from my apartment. It's a beautiful space, which I'm sure I will visit again.

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