Fringe Binge #8: Send Music

Sunday, 24 July 2016
Cast: Megan English, Dale Morningstar
Show Type: Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre
Audience: General
Running Time: 20 minutes

Send Music is made up of two parts, each approximately nine minutes in length. They’re performed by Megan English, who has been “fostering movement experiences for people of all ages for over fifteen years through her performance, education, and dance movement therapy practices.”

The first piece, also called Send Music, begins when English takes the stage with nothing but two computers — a laptop and a desktop. Soon, the sound of an electric guitar fills the room as Dale Morningstar, owner/operator/producer/engineer of Toronto’s Gas Station Recording Studio, appears through a video messaging program. The pair interact with one another, English through dance, Morningstar through music, as the piece asks the question “How is the process of creating affected if the performers aren’t in the same room together?”

The next piece, Intro Shuffle, is “an attempt to hold onto the potency and anticipation inherent in the beginning, the intro, the start.” It’s accomplished through a musical medley made up of the introductory riffs of popular songs, including those by Nirvana, Iggy Pop, Fleetwood Mac, and at least a dozen others. As each new song begins, English’s movements change, revealing her versatility.

The Hamilton Fringe Festival is an excellent way for audiences to become exposed to mediums they might not often interact with, in this case dance. Send Music is the perfect introduction to those (like myself) who have had a limited relationship with contemporary dance.

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