New Year. New Camera. New Adventures.

Saturday 18 January 2014

Despite the barren trees and dead leaves clinging to tangles of branches, Princess Point in the winter is teeming with life. Youngsters chase pucks along patches of ice that have been cleared of snow. Bufflehead ducks gather in the frigid waters of the DesJardins Canal. And a beaver gnaws at trees, gathering the tools he needs to make repairs to his home. 

Yet in the winter, the portion of the Hamilton Waterfront Trail that connects Princess Point to Bayfront Park is eerily quiet. 

The voices of the young hockey players sound muted from the ice. 

A hawk glides overhead, but it doesn't make a sound.

Joggers still hurry along, but the snow quiets their footsteps. Bursts of breath escape from their lips. At this time of year, a half hour may pass before another comes down the trail.

Every so often, the silence is interrupted by a train braking along the tracks or a barking dog, cautiously making its way onto the ice. 

I bought myself a new camera for Christmas in order to capture moments like these. But, unfortunately, I haven't mastered remembering to charge it before I venture out to take pictures. The result is the following mixture of a few decent photographs from today's hike, followed by more taken on my phone.

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