Sights and Sounds of Art Crawl

Sunday 15 July 2012
Another art crawl weekend and, as always, James Street errupted. This crawl was complete with acrobats, snow cones, and Dr. Disc's 21st birthday bash on the store's rooftop. Here are a few shots I took on my trusty Fuji.

Restored Lister Block in all it's glory. No matter how many times I walk by, I still snap photos. It's just too beautiful a subject to miss.

The Dirty Nil prior to technical difficulties.
The Dirty Nil make the best of technical difficulties by taking things from the roof to the ground.
Oh, what art crawl has become over the past few years. There are acrobats now!

Christ's Church Cathedral. Home of the Maker's Market.
A photograph of books, simply to remind you all that this is a book blog, after all! (Even when it doesn't seem to be.)
The next few shots are of the brand new Design Annex. The photos speak for themselves! It's gorgeous.

Just like I have a compulsion to take photos of the Lister Block, I have a compulsion to take photos of CBC Hamilton each time I wander by. I'm just so thrilled to have them in the city, and I was equally thrilled when Not My Typewriter was chosen for the site's Best of Digital on June 26.

My better half  took to the stage with The Rest just after ten o'clock. He's got a brand new personal twitter account (@jordanoftherest). Follow him, even if it's only because he'll be tweeting photos of our cat from time to time.

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