Bookish NYC: Day One

Sunday 18 March 2012
Anyone who goes away with me knows that I keep my camera draped over my neck from the time I climb off the plane, train, or bus, and it stays there until I'm safely back at home. In just two full days of exploring New York City, I managed to take more than 600 photos. Here are just a few of the many bookish stops we made while roaming Manhattan. 

As two publishing geeks, we couldn't help but imagine working in publishing in NYC.

The book department at FAO Schwarz
FAO Schwarz book department
Beneath the tangle of trees that create a canopy over Central Park, we found the Literary Walk. Here we're greeted by the Bard.
This gentleman peering up toward the sky is Robert Burns.
Seeing Central Park during each of the four seasons is now firmly implanted on my bucket list.
We covered most of New York City on foot, stopping in many places along the way. While walking from Central Park back toward Macy's we found this collection of used books.
I've already posted photos from inside the New York Public Library, but I haven't written about the incredible treasures housed inside. As part of an exhibit called "Celebrating 100 Years," I stood in awe of some of the most incredible items I've ever been in the presence of, including the stuffed toys that inspired Winnie the Pooh and even Charles Dickens' cat's paw, which, in an eerie tribute, he crafted into a letter opener.


  1. Oh my godddd... That table of used books... That exhibit... *drool*

  2. Very nice. I'd like to be able to spend time in New York during each of the seasons. The city is such a unique place. The used books look so inviting as does Central Park.

  3. Beautiful photos. Now I know who to consult before planning a book browsing trip to NYC. thanks for sharing!


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