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Wednesday 3 August 2011

As a child, my favourite stories were dark and even a little frightening, especially when it came to fairy tales. One of my favourites was The Little Mermaid, but not the film version where she weds her prince. Instead, I reread this version over and over again, reliving her tragic return to the sea. This pull continues today when I see wonderfully gloomy picture books at the library and at my favourite bookstores. It also resurfaced last month when I spotted a tiny Little Red Riding Hood figure lurking in the shadows between faux birch trees at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

I instantly fell in love with this Little Red, the focal point of a piece by Toronto-based artist gosia, and all the other pieces in her Little Red series. Peeking from her red cape, I expect Little Red is just moments from a meeting with the Big Bad Wolf.

I am thrilled that gosia is allowing me to share some photos of Little Red on Not My Typewriter. If the photos aren't enough, gosia and her band of Little Reds will be taking part in the One of a Kind Christmas Show in the late fall, where I plan to snag a Little Red of my own.


  1. It wasn't enough to come to your blog and love your review of Corin's show, although i don't need to read any reviews as i am a dear friend to Corin and have been on the journey with him with Bookworm from the beginning. You should also listen to his music. I thought that i should check out your blog before writing a post on that review, and now, i am so pleased to read about gosia, who is another artist who i love! Your blog is wonderful, and as an artist who is contemplating a move to Hamilton from Toronto, i am so very excited that it's citizens are as kind, literate and cool as yourself. Thank you!

  2. Hi Lisa. What a fantastic comment to wake up to! I really appreciate that you took the time to take a look at my blog and pass along your kind words. I have been in Hamilton for just over three years now, and am constantly impressed at how the arts community is growing and growing.

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