Cask Days

Sunday 20 October 2013

Yesterday, I found my beer soul mate. It may not have been the beer everybody loved the most. It may not have been the one everybody was lining up to try. But it was perfect for me. And it was love at first swig. As soon as I had my first taste of the Saw Dust City Smoked Pumpkin, I knew it was love. It was the beer I've waited my entire (drinking) life to find.

The smoked pumpkin was just one of the many beers I tasted yesterday afternoon at Cask Days, the ninth annual cask-conditioned craft beer festival, which was held at the Brickworks in Toronto. The festival was a beer snob's paradise, and by far the best food or drink event I've attended. Unlike other beer festivals (cough ... cough) Cask Days was simply about unique, delicious beer. Missing was the usual barrage of free t-shirts, mailing lists, stickers, terrible bands, and cheap free sunglasses, instead, it was simply a gathering of hundreds of people who love good beer.

The Saw Dust City Smoked Pumpkin was my clear winner, but I tried many amazing beers, among them the Half Pints Strawberry Rhubarb Pie amber ale, the Bridge 40 Shot espresso stout, and the Indie Alehouse X Karate Garage S'more stout.

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  1. That looks like one fun place. I'd love to make a trip there.

    When I lived in Pennsylvania there was a great Beer Festival that ran most of the summer until the original organizer died and his son sold it to a commercial interest who moved it and ruined it.

    The real DJ is neat. Here in the States I am one of the few who still play real vinyl. It sounds so much better than CDs (and many local DJs are even going as far as using cruddy sounding MP3), and if they use vinyl it is only to make noise.
    I really use a mix of vinyl and CDs as new music is not available in the USA on vinyl.

    Happy Saw Dust City Smoked Pumpkin drinking.


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