Old Hamilton Public (Carnegie) Library

Saturday 5 November 2011
There are a million reasons I love living in Hamilton, and today I was able to experience at least a dozen of them from doing a few hours of work at Mulberry Coffeehouse to visiting the Art Gallery of Hamilton's art sale. Another of these reasons is the old architecture that lines my route from home to Mulberry, including the old Hamilton Public Library on Main Street West.

My favourite place to work: Mulberry Coffeehouse
I met this little guy on my way home to catch a few hours of relaxation before heading out to tonight's Steel City Stories event at the Cathedral. It was a perfect fall day in Hamilton, and the extra hour of sleep tonight is only going to make things better!


  1. I love the charm of old architecture. Imagine the uncanny creativity of these architects for building something so beautiful using 'obsolete' construction tools.

    Mischna Ong

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  3. Hi Jessica:
    Could we use your photo of the exterior detail of the Carnegie Library for the Doors Open Event this year.
    Carol (ACO Hamilton)


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